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Sipchem is one of the largest companies in the petrochemical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is characterized by its progress and technological development with its commitment to preserve the environment in essence. Sipchem was recognized as the best business environment in the Kingdom in 2010. Since its modest roots began in 1999, Sipchem is now a globally recognized chemical company with more than 1,000 employees from around the world.


Sipchem’s plants occupy one million square meters in the basic industries area in Jubail Industrial City. The company’s strategy, planned to be implemented in gradual stages, aims at achieving integration of the current and future chemical products to create a chain of value products. Such strategy will precipitate in increasing the domestic production and support the industrial development within the frame of the comprehensive development plans implemented by the Kingdom, which at the end will help maximizing the shareholders’ profitability.


Sipchem has the highest standards of safety and environmental protection in all its operations and pays great attention to social responsibility.

As Sipchem has faced previous challenges, the foreseeable future confirms that it is capable of overcoming any challenges, thanks to God and then thanks to Saudi human resources. These human resources are our future, which will contribute to the economic and social development of the country.


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