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Dear Sir

I kindly bring to your attention with my Profile for the Suitable Position to explore my experiences as a Team member in your esteemed Organization.

I am available after 4th Jan 2019, My contract will end as Plant Manager working since 14½ years at Eflochem Chemicals Blending Co.LLC & Corodex Trading Co.LLC in the Concorde Corodex Group of companies, Dubai, UAE. My responsibilities are in Research & Development, Manufacturing/Production, Quality Control & all Plant Operations.

Earlier I have worked as Manager for 7 years in Organo Fine Chemicals, Spectrochem Pvt Ltd., Tarapur, Mumbai, India. My responsibilities are in Research & Development and Manufacturing/Production.

Overall I have involved for 23 ½ years of Industrial Experience in UAE and India & 8 years of Research Experience in the Universities of United Kingdom & India.

My involvement for 14 ½ yrs in UAE Chemical Industry is in the areas of Water Treatment Chemicals like – Antiscalants, Antifoulants, Membrane Cleaners of NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis Products, Corrosion Inhibitors & Scale Inhibitors for Potable Cooling / Heating systems of NSF Certified Products; Scale Inhibitor for Sea Water distillation Plants of NSF Certified Products; Polyelectrolyte / Coagulant waste water Clarification of NSF Certified Product; Catalyzed Oxygen Scavengers, Corrosion / Scale Inhibitors, Sludge Conditioners, Condensate Treatment Chemicals, Descalers & Passivators for Boiler Systems; Corrosion / Scale Inhibitors, Biocides, Descalers, Cleaning, Passivators, Networks Chemical Flushing for Cooling Tower & Chilled Water Systems; Disinfectants, Algaecides, Clarifiers for Swimming Pools; Flocculants, Coagulants, Antifoams/De-foamers, Odor Control for Waste Water Systems; Rust Removers, Cleaners, Oil Spill Dispersants, Sludge Dispersants, Descalers, Carbon Removers, Degreasers, Passivators, Condensate Control, Coolants for Marine Systems; Specialty Chemicals like Chemical Cleaning & Chemical Flushing of HVAC Systems, Stagnant Protection Programs for WET-Lay-Up Chemicals for all Networks, Tanks, Condensers, Chillers, Boilers Systems; Biological Products for Odor Control & Degreasers.

My involvement for 7 years in Indian Chemical Industry is in the areas of Fine Chemicals, Phase Transfer Catalysts, Organic Intermediates, Analytical Reagents, Ion-Pair Reagents, Petrochemical Solvents.

Kindly go through my CV for your valuable attention.

I extend my appreciation to hear from you.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Dr Golighar Abdul Munaff

Dubai, UAE


Mobile: 00 971 50 1964052

Last Resume Update December 15, 2018
Address DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
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