Store / Warehouse Supervisor or Logistics Supervisor

Applying for Store/Warehouse Supervisor / Store In-Charge / Senior Store Keeper / Materials Controller / Inventory Controller / Logistics Co-ordinator

Seeking a challenging environment and assignment where my knowledge and experience can be utilized to improve performance, skill and profitability of the company. The goal is to ensure that daily operations meet and exceed daily performance expectations and to increase the company’s overall market share.

Available for relocate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain

Competency Skills

Managerial Skill, Organizing Skill, Planning Skill, Technical Skill, Coordination Skill, Communication Skill, Human Skill, Conceptual Skill & Diagnostic Skill.

 My Forte

Stores Materials Management, Inventory Management , Warehouse Management (WMS), Six Sigma (S5), Logistics (Distribution & Transport), MS Office 2016 & MS Outlook Email, ERP (Tally 9.0, MS GP, Business Portal, Sage300, MS Dynamix2012, ISO Documentations & Safety, SCM & Procurement and Policies & Procedures.

 Organizational Behaviors (WAVE) & Personal Skills

Strong Work Ethic, Dependability, Responsibilities, Adaptability, Honesty & Integrity, Loyalty, Positive Attitude , Self-Motivated, Professionalism, Self Confidence, Respect for Others, Problem Solving, Job Commitment , Innovative Ideas, Helpfulness , Job Involvement , Job Satisfaction, Confident, Self-Lerner, Decision Maker, Team Leader, Punctual, Enthusiastic, Entrepreneurial & Friendly.  


Received Best Employee Award of the year for Safety Contribution at Union Precast Factory (HBK) Qatar in 08thApril 2014.


Most Proud Of

Religious, Honest, Smart Worker, Good Communicator, Coordinator, Planner & Organizer.



Watching Documentary, Reading History, Playing with Kids, Reading & Writing Poems



English           :           Read Write Speak

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Personal Information

Father Name            :           Mahboob Ali Bhati

Nationality                :           Indian

Religion                     :           Muslim

Date of Birth             :           05-Sep-1981

Marital Status           :           Married

Address                      :           Bhati Manzil A. G. Khan Road Fatehpur Shekhawati Rajasthan India.


Passport Details

Passport No.             :           J1990070

Issue Date                 :           22-07-2010

Date of Expiry          :           21-07-2020

Place of Issue           :           Doha Qatar



I certify that the information furnished above is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.                                                                                                                                      




Last Resume Update August 28, 2019
Address Jaipur, India
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Building Company L.L.C. Best Dubai, UAE
Senior Store Keeper (Site Store In–Charge)
Mar 2018 - Apr 2019

> Keep track of all types of materials ordered, received, issued, Transferred and pending receipt and maintain proper records for the same.
> Cross check of Stock Bin Cards & Issue slips regularly.
> Taking monthly physical stock of all kinds of materials and reconciliation with computerized stock and submit report to manager.
> Check Transfer Order and Reservation to make Goods issue.
> Maintaining minimum and maximum level of all types of stock items.
> Responsible for inventory accuracy and adjustments, and overall utilization.
> Maintain proper Tags, Labels and Marking on other accordingly for ease of identification and traceability.
> Ensure materials are located and stacking in recommended storage area.
> Up to date record keeping of all LPO’s, FPO’s & Contracts issued for the project from the procurement department.
> Working and coordinating closely with Logistics Dept. to determine the effective way to receive materials (Air, Road or Sea). And Co-coordinate with Suppliers and Logistic Dept. to ensure on timely materials delivery on site.
> Checks materials unit number, module number, received quantities, qualities and price during materials unloading. Capture photos for Over, Short and defective or damaged materials (Specially OSD Materials). Simultaneously follow up is done with supplier & Procurement Dept.
> Verifying received materials with D.N., INV, PO, Tools Certificates and MSDS for Chemicals and Ensure Chemicals are stored as per the MSDS recommendations.
> Participating in stores dept. meetings and perform additional required duties.
> Work closely with User Dept. (Site Engineers & Foremen’s) to recommend quantities of supply for purchase and exercise budgetary control over main store operations.
> Responsible for regular review of stock in conjunction with user dept., including identification of redundant, slow moving surplus inventory.
> Prepare Materials Request Form (MR) and process it immediately by considering inventory level. Responsible for daily checking the non- availability of items.
> Monthly report to Procurement & PMV Depts. for list of available of Tools and Assets.
> Co-ordinate with Procurement Dept. to prepare LPO, FPO and Contract with Suppliers against site MR or Emails.
> Materials Received Voucher (MRV) or Good Received Note (GRN) is made on the basis of D.N., PO and Invoice.
> Generate and forward Request for Inspection (RFI) to the Client’s respective QA/QC Dept.
> Issuing materials only in required quantities against signed authorized Store Withdrawal Voucher (SWV).
> Coordinating effectively with Accounts, Procurement, Management, Construction Team, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers with flow of information in all aspects of materials.
> Keeping materials as per storage recommendations like Air Conditioning, keeping out of direct sunlight or rainy.
> Maintain Control List of all hazardous and materials, taking pictures and submit report to concern manager regularly.
> Being as a main contractor, all sub-contractors are handled properly for both receiving and issuing materials with proper approved Materials Released Sheet.
> Closely works with Planning Engineer to ensuring materials are available for as per the schedule plan.
> Closely work with QHSE on Site Observation Reports (SOR) to close all store related Non Conformance Reports (NCR)
> Closely work with QS for subcontractor’s payment process and deduction from their payment about materials damaged Or used (As per Contract)
> Closely work with HSE Dept. for all types of Third Party Certification, Registration & Calibrations about Equipment’s, Machineries, Tools and Assets.

Focus Value Bldg. Cont. Co. L.L.C. Dubai,
Act. Purchase Coordinator (Sr. Store Keeper)
Oct 2016 - Oct 2017

> Prepare LPO (Local Purchase Order) as per Quotation and MR and sent it to supplier for deliveries of materials.
> LPO matching with DN & INV. Discussing with Receiver about right materials before processing to Accounts.
> Preparing of Request for Quotation (Enquiries), arranging Quotations and Requests for Proposal and co-ordination of their timely dispatch by email, fax and messenger.
> Maintaining current up to date Procurement documents and Manuals.
> Routing copying and circulation of quotes and proposal for evaluation. Liaise with customs authorities for clearance.
> Collect quotations for comparison & Prepare price comparison report.
> Check and classify the precedence of the requisition and process as priority setting of the material needed.
> Coordinate with requestors and make sure the right materials needed.
> Find out the sample of material to be purchased if necessary.
> Arrange Prequalification Certificates and Materials Safety Data Sheets. Ensure timely transportation of procured goods.
> Develop and maintain strong working relationship with suppliers to resolve delivery and quality concern and obtain documents. Create & maintain relationship with Suppliers.
> Maintain ingredient costing file and price lists.
> Evaluation supplier performance based on quality standards, delivery time and best prices.

HBK Contracting Co. W.L.L. Doha, Qatar
Senior Store Keeper (Main Store/Warehouse)
May 2007 - Aug 2015

> Organize and maintain inventory and storage area.
> Responsible for shipments and inventory transaction’s accuracy. Manage intake of containers into the Main Store.
> Guide, Supervise and allocate Main Store Employee as per the requirement. Handle Petty Cash up to QAR-10000/-
> Supervise Loading and Unloading Operations.
> Manage absence and performance of Main Store Employees.
> Plan stores layout, prepare bin arrangement, Logistics plan and space requirements in order to prevent loss or damage.
> Apply FIFO (First in First Out) and LIFO (Last in First Out) issue method.
> Maintain strict control on Inventory and Transactions of Tools, equipment’s & Machineries (Assets). Maintaining Register of Assets Breakdown or Damage reports with employees name and activities.
> Perform other stock-related duties, including returning, packing, pricing, and labelling supplies.
> Follow modern warehouse procedures with SIX SIGMA (S5) in Main Store including methods of proper and issuance of materials; basic stock inventory procedure; requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, bills of lading, freight tags, and the use and meaning of each; computerized warehouse / Main Store record keeping systems.
> Apply and utilize Six Sigma (S5) workplace organization methodology with ISO Safety and Security procedures.
> Ensure good general housekeeping of the Main Store and dispose of waste materials to scrape area in accordance with best practice and current regulations.

Con Arch India (Mumbai, India)
Store Coordinator (Main Store)
Mar 2005 - Apr 2007

> Manage the receiving, handling, Inspecting, distribution, storage and inventory control of all material that comes in and out of the Main Store.
> Up to date recordkeeping of daily transactions. (In / Out / whom to issued / location of use etc.)
> Perform General Storekeeping and Main Store duties and maintain accurate manual and computer records.
> Received materials documents copies are clearly file for inventory and audit purpose. Original submit to Procurement / Accounts Depts. for payment process.

Khwaja Int'l Manpower Consultant Raj. India
Team Leader
Dec 2003 - Feb 2005

> The daily operations of the team and Reporting to Manager.
> Monitoring, Guiding and motivating a group of workers.
> Ensure they are delivering good service.
> Guide the team's vision and ensure that everything goes according to plan.
> Helping with training, interviews and development.
> Handling complaints (from Staff and Customers).
> Ensuring a clean, safe and friendly working environment.


All India Institute of Management Studies (AIIMS) Chennai.
Diploma of Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Oct 2015 - Sep 2016

Certified in 01 Year Diploma of Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Sept-2016 from All India Institute of Management Studies (AIIMS) Chennai.

Graduated in Tally versions 7.2 and 6.3
Aug 2005 - Jul 2006

Graduated in Tally versions 7.2 and 6.3 in 05thJuly 2006 from Impressive Technologies Jaipur Tally Solutions India.

Indian Institute of Computer Studies (IICE) Rajasthan India
Diploma in Computer Applications (M. S. Office)
Apr 2002 - Mar 2003

Completed Diploma in Computer Applications (M. S. Office) in 20thMarch 2003 from Indian Institute of Computer Studies (IICE) Rajasthan India

Jaipur University of Rajasthan India
Jun 2001 - Oct 2003

Completed Degree B.A. in 17thOct. 2003 from Jaipur University of Rajasthan India.

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