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Personal Statement:

I am an innovative, self-driven, and result-oriented individual with over ten years of work experience in research, translation and writing as well as administrative duties and public relations. I am able to fully utilize this experience and generate positive outcomes in any assigned roles. I am a team player with excellent communication, leadership, analytical and problem solving skills as well as managerial capabilities. My career aim is to use language in its diverse formats through numerous interactions with other like-minded and driven individuals and, in the process, to improve my personal skill set and thus add value to any organisation and/or institution I am a part of.

Professional Competencies:

Proven leadership and managerial skills.

High degree of organisational skills.

Strong research, translation, editing and writing skills.

Excellent written and verbal communication.

Fluency in three languages, namely: French, English and Swahili.

Strong analytical skills.

Certified IT skills (MS-Office, SPSS).

Willingness to learn and follow instructions.

Open-minded team player.

High integrity, reliable and result-oriented.

Self-driven towards attaining career goals.


July 2015 – Present              : Copem Enterprises

Role                                       : Manager; Sales & Marketing Representative.

This is a chain of modern fashion boutiques dealing exclusively with, global standard, high quality, and imported goods.

  • Managed the day-to-day operations of the business.
  • Properly managed operational expenses by ensuring licences, freight charges, payroll and other bills were kept within agreed OPEX levels in liaison with the consulting accountant.
  • Managed the inventory by monitoring stock levels and determining proper lead times for ordering of stock while also analysing emerging market trends.
  • Regularly coordinated visual merchandising of the products stocked.
  • Communicated instructions to the sales team with relation to new directives and duties and ensured instructions were well understood and executed.
  • Attended to customers’ needs/ requirements and offered satisfactory solutions within our product lines.
  • Marketed latest offerings and updated the clientele concerning the new products using various marketing and communication strategies.
  • Managed the clientele data base (contacts, pre-orders, credit standing) using our ERP.
  • Followed up on customers to ensure customer satisfaction and, thus, repeat business.
  • Trained new staff, notably in the employee code of conduct, and the business’ policies.
  • Ensured that professionalism was adhered to always.
  • Performed general sales and marketing duties.
  • Forecasting of sales volumes and/or revenue(s).
  • Continuously prepared and executed sales and marketing plans.

October 2014 to February 2015      : Vide-Muwa Publishers Limited

Role                                                    : Quality Assessor; Editor (French, English and Kiswahili languages), and Translator (English to French).

This is a publishing firm specialising in both primary and secondary school curriculum, publishing Set-Books, Novellas, Short Stories and Revision Guides.

  • Reviewed submitted manuscripts to determine their potential for publication.
  • Evaluatedboth content and suitability of text, noting both strengths and weaknesses, before making a final recommendation their suitability for publication.
  • Carefully scrutinised text at all levels, including grammar, syntax and morphology, both in French and English.
  • Performed content editing and proof reading.
  • Translated manuscripts written in English into French for publication as short stories.
  • Performed pedagogical tasks, notably in a manuscript for a new, revolutionary French language text book for use in secondary-level education.

March 2014 to July 2014                 : Sky Writers Limited

Role                                                   : Editor; Writer, Researcher, and Office Manager.

This is an online, research-based, article writing, academic writing organisation.

  • Carefully scrutinised texts submitted by other writers (mainly junior level). Texts included reports, briefs, articles, and academic papers.
  • Ensured data accuracy and reliability, clarity of voice, as well as proper grammar, syntax and morphology in all assigned manuscripts.
  • Performed content editing and proof reading in order to ensure validity, accuracy, clarity, and reliability as well as proper grammar, syntax and morphology, as well as proper citation and the absence of plagiarism.
  • Engaged in writing-based tasks, including: report writing; minute writing; corporate communications,as well as both academic and writing social/lifestyle articles.
  • Performed research in order to source and collect data from multiple verified and trusted sources.
  • Regularly looked into multiple studies and/or publications in order to gain a deeper understandingof current issues in research in order to better meet client needs.
  • Executed administrative duties, e.g. making sure the office was opened on time; ensuring standards of cleanliness were met;the office was equipped to run smoothly, i.e. there were stationary, electricity, and an active internet connection, among other things.
  • Regularly communicated current clients concerning progress in their work.
  • Regularly performed consultations for prospective clients.

July 2013 to August 2013                : Africa Great Lakes Region Mobility Project

Role                                                   : Research Assistant, and Data Entry Technician.

This was a collaborative research endeavour undertaken by the University of Oxford and Moi University.

  • Conducted extensive fieldwork and data collection using various research instruments and methods.
  • Reviewed, analysed, and coded the data collected.
  • Uploaded and transmitted data through the use of a browser-based statistical platform designed by the University of Oxford.

March 2011 to June 2013    : Utafiti Foundation - Research and Documentation Centre

Role                                       : Editor, and Research Consultant.

This is a research-based and publishing consultancy that offers a wide array of services.

  • Performed thorough reviews of text at all levels including grammar, syntax and morphology, both in French and English.
  • Carried out content editing and proof reading in order to ensure validity, accuracy, clarity, and reliability as well as proper grammar, syntax and morphology, as well as proper citation and the absence of plagiarism.
  • Reviewed texts submitted by junior level editors, writers, and in-experienced clients, in order to ensure they were of the highest standard.
  • Formatted submitted texts in order to meet the requirements of different journals, and international publishing houses as required.
  • Texts edited, reviewed, proof-read, formatted or worked on in any manner included theses, dissertations, reports, briefs, articles, and academic papers.
  • Conducted extensive consultations and numerous tasks in the field of editing and academic research consultations.
  • Guided prospective yet research-inexperienced authors in their endeavours to become published authors by guiding them through the process of thesis writing, from the proposal stage through data collection and analysis.

May 2010 - August 2010                  : City Council of Nairobi

Role                                                    : Deputy Protocols and Public Relations Officer (Internship).

  • Engaged in media monitoring, report writing, speech writing, press release writing and answering inquiries from the general public.
  • Regularly wrote briefs and memos to, among others, the general public, and the various departments in the institution, the Town Clerk, and the Mayor.
  • Developed a campaign strategy that would help sensitize the residents of Nairobi County about Solid Waste Management. I worked on some aspects of it with staff based in the Public Relations Department of the CCN.


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