General Manager/Director/CEO

Resourceful executive leader for business change and transformation. Influential visionary with an innovative management techniques and motivational leadership style that brings out the best in employees. Being inspirational and experienced manager I know how to succeed through planning, monitoring, prioritizing and developing those around me. Decision making comes easy to me, I not only focus on company goals but makes sure that they are met in timely fashion. Builds allegiance in efforts to achieve business goal, and quickly turns negative financials into positive. On a personal level I am a thoughtful individual who recognizes that any decision made may involve multiple trade- offs, far-reaching consequences and hidden risks.

  • Planned and lead 11 turnaround efforts successfully in the past 20 years, assuring the profitability for Manufacturing Companies, Branch Operations and Engineering Organizations.
  • Steered transformation and change of a struggling organization, positioning it for exponential growth in 10 years from just AED600k to AED5+ million. Planned a very safe and tactical 18 months operations for the turmoil of year 2008 which resulted into sudden massive growths by the first quarter of year 2010 and brought the company into top ten market’s leading services providers by the end of same year.
  • Ensured the profitability in just 8 months in a dysfunctional, chaotic, money loosing company by building the vision and new strategies. By the end of Year 2011 I was being promoted to the General Manager of the Company for making abrupt and positive changes in Sales/Operations Teams.
  • Documented success accelerating business growth while controlling cost and holding debt to minimal level and sharpening all departments resulting in agile organization able to response nimbly and rapidly to changes in the economy and markets. Enabled company to not just survive but to thrive regardless of the challenges.
  • Increased the man force by doing new recruitments and brought company to a strength of 40 people from just 5 people. Covering all the departments and procedures of the company and projected for ISO Certification and achieved in first audit.
  • Propelled a small, directionless start-up into an industry pioneering, multimillion dirhams success with exclusive contract in 70% of its market. Brought the company into its highest prestige of joining the exclusive community.
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General Manager
Aug 2008 - Oct 2018

Took charge as a Client Relations Manager as the company situation was very critical due to the global turmoil of year 2008. Started reforming the structure, defining the hierarchy, introducing and implementing new system which started from redesigning of the company logo, developing the website, Orchestrating all strategic planning, product development, sales, marketing, customer service and budgeting. Proving my capabilities and skills I was promoted to the position of General Manager by the end of 2011.
Restructuring Business for Optimal Efficiency and Profitability
Built a healthy, profitable company out of what had once been a highly dysfunctional, money loosing operation. Surviving and thriving throughout economic downturn without laying off any staff. Streamlined the flow of information, blocking the loop holes in the communications. Bringing the company debts to zero and projecting future growth at the rate of 100% of when I joined.
Identifying and Capitalizing On Market Opportunities
Developed and launched new service line that opened a completely new market and company reached to AED1.8 million of sales by the end of 2010 itself. Which was more than 200% to their baseline in 2008. A marine air-conditioning company was transformed into marine engineering company dealing with different equipment and services.
Rooting Out and Eliminating Areas of Inefficiency and Unnecessary Spending
Abrupt and sudden growth had come with various flaws. Thus planned and implemented new strategies to reduce the costs by almost 20% at average using various cost cutting and productivity- improving initiatives. Hired better people and stroked the company in more propelling future.
Rebuilding Damaged Customer Relationships and Strengthening Retention
Reversed erosion of installed base, rejuvenating relationship with customers as result of changing the customer service compensation to reward efficiency, cost savings and high touch customer services. Held formal and informal meetings to bring back the old database and assured the in time project deliverance.
Championing Major Clients and Contracts
Negotiated and brought major key clients to the company like, Dubai Dry Docks, DP World, VShips Management, Damen Shipyard etc. and gained an actual boom in the business and closed year 2014 with AED3 Million. Visited Singapore and won more ventures and brought stability to the company with different certifications. Till the company joined the most prestigious place of Marine industry i.e. Dubai Maritime City.
Planned different training programs for the sales and operations departments, which includes EHS training, BOSET trainings, Strategic Marketing Programs etc etc.
Key Responsibilities
¤ Communicating values, strategies, and objectives. Assigning account-abilities, planning, monitoring and appraising job results. Determined areas of improvement for cost control and initiate changes.
¤ Develop Strategic plan by studying technological and financial opportunities. Presenting assumptions, recommending objectives. Work with team members to increase individual performance and set realistic improvement goals.
¤ Developing incentives, developing a climate for offering information to opinions, providing educational opportunities. Defined employee functions and keep individuals on task.
¤ Accomplishes subsidiary objectives by establishing plans, budgets, and results measurements, allocating resources, reviewing progress, making mid-course corrections. Reduced expenses by minimizing waste and allocating staff levels correctly.
¤ Maintained operational efficiency with proactive oversight and corrections.
¤ Increase management’s effectiveness by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counselling, and disciplining managers.
¤ Coordinates efforts by establishing procurements, production, marketing, field and technical services policies and practices, coordinating actions with cooperative staff.
¤ Direct accounting processes, overseeing the compliance of applicable legal regulations.
¤ Defined the procurement procedures to reduce the material costs and effecting the profits.
¤ Time to time analysis of P&L statements to stay aware of the company standing.
¤ Builds company image by collaborating with customers, government, community organizations and employees, enforcing ethical business practices. Increased market share by ensuring total client satisfaction and encouraging referrals.
¤ Maintains quality services by establishing and enforcing organization standards. Solicited information from administrative staff, sales and other department managers to make informed decisions regarding operational changes.
¤ Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, bench making state of the art practices, participating in professional societies.
¤ Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. Ensuring that company goals are met in timely fashion.
¤ Managing staff levels to ensure that key target areas are always covered.
¤ Assign the investments of available funds which are not necessary for the immediate company operations.
¤ Undersign all trust agreements, including the transfer of present and future assets on trust. In general, perform all kind of banking and financial operations.
¤ Continuously busy with R&D to improve strategies, procedures and their functioning.

Iqbal Electronics LLC
Business Manager/Operations Manager
Feb 2002 - Aug 2008

Joined the company as soon I landed in UAE. Company was running 4 showrooms across UAE dealing with end users and totally relying on its Sales personals. No systems were in place and the shop keeper type of business module was being followed. It took me 3 months to propose a new business module with different strategies and systems. Designed & implemented business development strategies and initiate new working practices such as the inventory control system, invoicing system, accounting system, customer satisfaction and after sales service system. Changed the manual working to the computerized system with different check points to remove any loop holes. It resulted into zero losses for the theft or damaged item replacement. Developed a strategy for the corporate sales which made abrupt increase of 40% in their daily sales. Trained the new team to do the corporate sales. Company profits were boosted like rockets. Proposed the company to register their own brand and import quality goods under that name. Implemented the Product Management Program comprising on its placement, target market, sales strategy and pricing. Actively participating and taking lead in major contract deals. Joined the company when it made sales of 1.8 million/month from single show room and left when the company’s operations were streamlined and it was making a sale of 3.2 million/month from every showroom. Corporate sales were transferred to new establishment to distinguish the personal brand sales, which were making huge profits of 30% of its cost price.

Allseas Incorporation
Internship as Business Manager
Jun 2000 - Jan 2002

Heartily Thanks to my mentor Mr. Adnan Tirmizi (General Manager) for taking me under his supervision and training me with Strategies and Planning Procedures which I never studied in my MBA. His training didn’t only made me a well learned executive but also street smart professional. Under his guidance I

¤ Learned international marketing of the company through marketing tools, effective correspondence & by ensuring one-window solutions for business development.
¤ Learned to design & implement effective communication strategies & initiate new working practices with input from market research & latest trends including website, banners, e–mails, yearly calendar, brochures & print collateral etc.
¤ Administered a process of changing the company logo, business cards & letter-heads (layout, color & text) for an absolute fresh look with focus on customer attraction, persuasion architecture and design according to the target market. Designed a complete new website.
¤ Learned the accounting procedures from different vouchers, P&L Statements and produced the very first Balance Sheet of the company.
¤ Learned analyzing different Business statements.
¤ Designed different formats for the Accounts, Production and Export Department for removing their block holes in the system.
¤ Developed, administrated, Managed the network of Windows NT 4.0 in the organization for the first time. (as IT was my hobby)
¤ Prepared the special formats for Marketing Department and managed a team of five persons and their activities.
¤ Learned to streamline the procedures and coordination of different departments.
¤ Build the Robosoft (Computer education institute) from scratch to its finalization including the courses and faculty hiring.


Pak Laurence Institute
Jan 2002 - Feb 2003

Majors in Finance

Pak Laurence Institute
Jan 1999 - Jan 2002

Majors in Marketing

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