Laboratory Supervisor / Sr.Chemist



Chakalipeta, D. No:17-18

Venkatagiri Town, Nellore (D.T)

A.P – 524132, India.

Mobile:  +968 96044315(Oman)

+91 9502906792(India)

+91 9985694630(India)




Career Objective:


  • Seeking a challenging position, utilizing my abilities developed through my experience and education with an opportunity for career growth based on my merit and to promote the growth of the organization


 Education Qualification:


  • M. Sc (Chemistry)                 Nagarjuna University, Guntur                                        April 2009


  • B. Sc (Chemistry)                  Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati                           April 2005


Experience:           14+Years’ Experience in Oil and Gas Petroleum Industries.


Job Skills and Job Responsibilities:  

  • I have 14+ year’s analytical experience as a Laboratory Supervisor / Field Supervisor / Sr. Chemist in Onshore / Offshore Oil and Gas Petroleum Industries.
  • Strong Chromatography interpretation and analyzes skills.
  • Hands on experience with modern instrumentation and analytical procedures.
  • Ability to embark upon the precision and Accuracy of a Chemist.
  • Trouble shooting activities in normalizing the upsets (high BS&W- Oil in water) in the export crude oil and keeping the parameters to the specifications.
  • Planning for sample collection & Sampling analysis contract for the asset.
  • Front line trouble shooting support on production chemistry related issues.
  • Build and maintain strong working relationship with clients and management.
  • Identifies and implements new testing technologies.
  • Conducts analytical investigations and Participates in failure investigation and root cause analyses
  • Good interpersonal skills (Communication & Computer) and able to work independently.
  • Preparation of Laboratory shifts, Daily reports.
  • Entering analytical data into Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
  • Responsible to review procedure & Operating instructions.
  • Maintain laboratory in clean and good condition; pass to next shift during the hand over.
  • Responsible for preparation and standardization of required solution/reagents for analysis.
  • Responsible for Calibration and Maintenance of all laboratory equipment’s.
  • Responsible for documentation & filing of analytical reports.
  • Coordinates with other departments for ensuring Quality of product.
  • Understanding of MSDS for the chemical used in Laboratory.
  • Knowledge of company safety controller level and fully familiar with Company Safety rules and work permits
  • Present Employment History:
  • Present Employer: Nalco Champion / Special Oil Field Services, LLC.
  • Designation of the job: Laboratory Supervisor (Production Chemistry & Engineering).
  • Location: BP – Oman (Khazzan Gas Project, Block 61)
  • Nature of job: 28 days ON / 28 days OFF (Rotational Onshore).
  • Work Period: May 2016 to till date.

Experience in ON Shore / Natural Gas Plant, Upstream & Field Process

Responsible for chemical related activities in the field, including without limitation:

  • Assist BP Production Chemistry Engineer and BP Corrosion and Production Chemistry TL to deliver the performance of chemical applications,
  • Work with BP Production Chemistry Engineer to develop fluid monitoring strategy and to set up sampling/analysis schedules,
  • Analyse operational, chemical, and lab testing data to ensure chemical performance is achieved and to conduct troubleshooting if needed,
  • Liaise with maintenance to ensure any injection system or monitoring equipment outage is planned along with any temporary injection, monitoring equipment or storage needs. All data will be entered into a BP specified data base,
  • Experience in Chemical skid commissioning & Participated and provide support for all Chemical Skid commissioning.
  • Responsible for Chemical delivery plan and load/unload the chemicals in time at site.
  • Responsible for chemical stock monitoring & storage the chemicals at site.
  • Responsible for make pump & hose connections readiness and secure
  • Coordinate the process for any major changes on chemical applications
  • Responsible for PI Process & CMS tools updates.
  • Responsible for Basic Care - Chemical Monitoring Field Trails.
  • Provide ‘front line’ day to day support including checking of the chemical injection pumps (including assurance or execution of calibration) and ensuring that pump fault alerts are raised and escalating where needed. If required, technicians will commission new chemical injection skids/pumps,
  • ‘First’ point of contact for any trouble shooting activities required with the application of the chemical barriers. This may include assistance with any field trials operations.
  • Track and report KPI against plan and performance targets for BP review, and take actions to mitigate any low performance issues and exceptions,
  • Coordinate all chemical testing and analysis onsite and offsite with engagement of BP technical disciplines and CMS SME,
  • Log all changes to chemical injection rates and report these to the Control Room Techs for logging in e-Log Book.
  • Responsible for the development and update of chemical application strategy and procedures,
  • Coordinate with other technical disciplines and Area Operations for any trouble shooting activities, and planning/execution of chemical related activities.
  • Accountable for the safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of chemical applications,
  • Ensure the team is adequately resourced to perform the work;
  • Ensure all chemical related strategies and procedures are in place and updated appropriately
  • Provide or verify production data for chemical team to set chemical injection rates, and
  • Engage chemical team on any operational issues and troubleshooting relating to chemical applications.
  • COSHH assessments and Methanol Safety & remote application review
  • To make sure that incidents and accidents are reported on time and actions from investigations are followed up and closed by action parties.
  • Knowledge of company safety controller level and fully familiar with Company Safety rules and work permits

BP authorised performing authority for the close loop sampling. Intermediates and final stage condensate & gas analysis Physical and chemical test like Density, Specific gravity, API Gravity, Reid Vapour Pressure/TVP, dissolved sulphur, pour point Base Sand & sediment by Extraction Method, Water in oil by coulometric, Total BS&W by Centrifuge Method, Salt in crude oil, ATP, SRB, APB, sessile bacteria corrosion coupon swabbing method, glycol analysis, Oil in water etc.

  • Performs a variety of quantitative and qualitative laboratory tests and analyses for all-natural gas products resulting Process activities.
  • Gas sample analysis of composition, online Dew point, Moisture CO2, H2S.
  • Corrosion study in oil field & Scale deposited analysis.
  • DM plant water analysis, Injection water analysis.

Previous Employment History:

  • Previous Employer: Forbes Bumi Armada Ltd (FPSO Armada Sterling – II)
  • Designation of the job: Laboratory Technician
  • Location: Mumbai High Offshore, ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) India.
  • Nature of job: 35 days ON / 35 days OFF (Rotational Offshore).
  • Work Period: July 2015 to June 2016.
  • Work Reporting to: Off Shore Installation Manager (OIM) / Production Superintendent.





Skills in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry :( Off Shore, FPSO Armada Sterling – II)



  • Being a brand new FPSO commissioned, responsible for setting up and running a totally new Field Laboratory.
  • Perform a variety of quantitative and qualitative laboratory tests and analysis of gas, liquid and solid, hydrocarbon, chemicals, water and various other substances, in accordance with ASTM, IP, UOP, BP methods. Conversant in handling modern laboratory equipment’s, instrumental analysis, their maintenance& calibrations. Carries out routine and non-routine sampling/analysis and monitoring programs accordance with standard procedures.
  • Familiar with all petroleum products testing as per ASTM/IP/BS/API/SMS standard test methods. Handles modern sophisticated instruments like GC, AAS, UV/IR Spectrophotometers, Potentiometers, Auto Titrators, Metrohm’sTitrino& Colorimeters, Auto Karl-fischers Analyzers, JFTOT & WSIM. Can set up run & standardize an Independent Laboratory for Crude & petroleum product.
  • Sampling and testing of all Company shipped products such as LNG, LPG (Propane and Butane), Pentane Plus, Sulfur, Crude Oil and Hydrocarbon Condensate.
  • Sampling and testing the Process and the Utility plants and off-shore facilities (sour feed gas streams, Acid gas removal chemicals, store materials, water and condensates and solids samples such as deposit and sludge.
  • Analysis of produced/Sea waters, Lube Oil, Diesel, ATF, Glycols, Gases & Chemicals, OIW, SRB-APB-Microbiological Growth assessment.
  • Monitoring the performance of all production chemicals such as Demulsifier, pour point depressant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor and Oxygen scavenger, Biocides and submitting the results.
  • Ensures that all work is carried out as per the company HSE policy with special emphasis on handling of Toxic and hazardous materials, use of appropriate PPE and segregation and disposal of laboratory chemical waste.
  • Active participation internal & external lab in Audits& re-certification, Safety meetings, KPI compliance, HSE policies, Waste management, Stop Audits programs. Investigate issues
  • Required to work after the normal working hours as per production and shipping requirements, it involves analysis requirements during plant emergencies, planned plant studies, plant overhauls and products analysis during ship loading.
  • Prepares laboratory material requisitions, updating consumable and equipment inventories
  • Ensure laboratory work is carried out in a safe manner with active participations in weekly safety meetings, safety drills & their proper implementations. Demonstrate competence during Emergency Response drills and training exercises.
  • Prepares and standardizes reagents for laboratory tests, calibrates and standardizes analytical instruments and analyses plant's chemicals according to their specifications.
  • Cleans and maintains own equipment and work area and exercises technical skills in repairing and modifying own equipment.


Previous Employment History:

Previous Employer: Special Oil Field Services LLC, at Muscat - Sultanate of Oman.

Designation of the job: Sr. Production Chemist (Dehydration Facilities, Upstream& Field Process)

Location: Petroleum Development of Oman - All South PDO).

Nature of job: Rotational, 28 days ON / 28 days OFF with Leave Paid Salary.

Work Period: March 2012 to July 2015.




Skills in Oil and Gas Industry :( ON Shore / Dehydration Facilities, Upstream& Field Process)

  • Strong technical background in production chemistry, Field development, Remediation in flow assurance, prediction and mitigation philosophy. Coordinates internal corrosion monitoring programs of oil and water injection. Flow Assurance & process optimization. Chemical Injection, Chemical selection, Inventory, Call-Off, Score Cards & dosage management.
  • To direct field chemist and lab technician on daily activities
  • Primary object is to make sure that BS&W of export crude and Oil in water of disposal water meets the specification. In case of any abnormalities, conduct trouble shootings
  • Ensure that export crude and other crude samples are analyzed for BS&W, H2S, density, API gravity, salt content and viscosity.
  • Injection Water Samples for complete analysis & Injection water monitoring, measuring online oxygen content on the oil /water flow lines using orbishpere meter (Micro Logger 3650), performing online line gas tests (H2S & CO2) on oil /water flow lines both in gas and liquid phases using dragger tubes and GGT (Garrett Gas Train) equipment’s.
  • Oil field water analyses using Chemetrics, Hach - digital titrator and portable spectrophotometer - and handheld/portable instruments for field analytical methods for alkalinity, pH, conductivity, iron, sulphide, sulphite, chloride and dissolved oxygen.
  • Monitoring Oil Field Plank tonic and Sessile Bacterial Counts (SRB&GAB) by serial dilution/ATP methods, MPN (Most Probable Numbers) determination method and also Bicarbonates, water Resistivity in oil fields water.
  • Trouble shooting activities in normalizing the upsets (high BS&W- Oil in water) in the export crude oil and keeping the parameters to the specifications (BS&W limit) of the respective fields and oil in water well below 100 ppm by injecting the emulsion breaker (demulsifier) at the salient upstream points of free water knock out tanks and dehydration tanks.
  • Monitoring & Optimize the performance of all production chemicals such as Demulsifier, Wax inhibitor, Deoiler, Corrosion, Scale Inhibitor and Oxygen scavenger and submitting the results.
  • Review the chemical injection rate of all the production chemicals, maintain the data base, stock control, calculating chemical requirements and give recommendation for the following month.
  • Knowledge of EOR & Water flooding by Thermal Recovery & Chemical/Gas Injection. Coordination for process & production optimization.
  • Involve in chemical field trials, chemical selection, Sampling of oil field effluents & Bottle test.
  • Evaluation with third party Labs/chemical contractor/Suppliers for their performance. Reporting to manager about chemical vendor performance, contracts and chemical costs systems.
  • Perform special studies- chemical/ fluid dehydration study, deoiling studies, water compatibility studies, water flooding studies and optimization studies as and when required by production chemistry
  • Q/A & Q/C checkups (flash point/ content) of delivery samples (Demulsifier/Corrosion/Scale Inhibitor/Biocides/Wax Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger chemicals) received from the chemical stock yard.
  • Coordinates internal corrosion monitoring programs of oil and water injection. & Weight loss corrosion coupon evaluation.
  • Knowledge of corrosion rates for injection water lines by using LPR & Corrosion Coupons.
  • Field corrosion monitoring by LPR (online monitoring), EIS, Galvanic methods using ACM filed machine, CorrOcean (Roxar), Cormon and Rohrback – Cosasco techniques.
  • Instrumental corrosion monitoring by ER, Microcor, CEION, Rohrback - Cosasco systems.
  • Micro core data logger downloading and replace the battery when required.
  • Review and provide recommendations on all monitoring and chemical performance reports.
  • Preparing monthly, yearly reports about crude dehydration and chemical injection.
  • Make sure that lab technicians are compiling chemical consumption data and production data and update the information in the agreed common drive/ data base.
  • Participate in technical meetings and implementation of outcome of the meetings.
  • Attending HSE meetings, raising Stop cards, and complies with safety rules and regulations of PDO.
  • Aware of Safety Practices (MSDS) in Chemical lab rules and regulations of Oil & Gas Industry and Good knowledge of Industrial Safety (QHSE) Rules & regulations.



Previous Employment History:

Previous Employer: Geo Chem Middle East, LLC at Muscat - Sultanate of Oman (Shell-PDO).

Designation of the job:  Laboratory Chemist (Petroleum Development of Oman).

Nature of job: Rotational, 4 Months ON / 1 Month OFF with Leave Paid Salary.

Work Period: February 2011 to March 2012.

Previous Employment History:

Previous Employer: M/s. Asian Peroxides Limited at Sullurpeta, A.P, India.

Designation of the job: Laboratory Supervisor (QA AND R&D).

Work Period: April 2005 to February 2011.




Skills in Oil and Gas Industry: (Laboratory Experience)


  • Performs on assigned a variety of qualitative and quantitative analyses of NaturalGas, Condensate, Water, LNG/LPG, effluent samples and Fuel gas samples by Gas Chromatography (ASTM-D1945).
  • Analysis of Petroleum Products [Gasoline (Condensate), Crude Oil] as per standard procedures like Density (ASTM-D4052), API Gravity, BS&W (ASTM-D4007), Free water, Salt in Crude (ASTM-D3230), Water in Oil (ASTM-D4928), Viscosity, Flash Point,TAN,TBN, Hydrogen Sulfide, RVP (ASTM-D323-99a) and TVP analysis etc.
  • Onsite dew point analysis in gas phase: dehydration, injection gas compressor, AGC, BGC gas compressors.
  • Oil in Water Analysis (ASTM-D4928): for Produced water treatment unit using Horiba Analyser
  • Analysis of Oil and Grease Extraction Method for Sludge samples and Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in Solids/Sludge samples and Standard method for analysis of Solid samples-full analysis.
  • Analysis of Oil field sample for Polymer content& Viscosity by using programmable Rheometer (Brook Field DV-III ULTRA).
  • Analysis of Lubricant Oils (Compressor Oil, Engine Oil, Turbo charger Oil, Bearing Oil & Heat Medium System Oil   etc.,) for Viscosity, Flash Point, TAN, TBN, Water and Insoluble’s analysis as per ASTM Procedures.
  • Analysis of Process MDE Amine (Lean and Rich) Sample forStrength,Sulphide and Mercaptans, H2S Loading, CO2 Loading,Foamingtendency, RFB and ATB, HSS,TSS, Dissolved Iron, chloride and Acid Gases (Before and After Refluxing).
  • Analysis of Process DiethyleneGlycol Solution, Sulferox Samplesand Nalco Coolant Water for complete analysis.
  • Onsite H2S & CO2 content measurement up to %level in gas phase & Liquid phase from wellheads & separators.
  • Complete analysis of STP, Potable water, Waste water, Process water, Injection water, Produced water, RO Product water, PH& Temperature,Specific Gravity (SG),Resistivity and conductivity ,TDS,TSS,chlorides, Total hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Silica,Soluble Iron,Total Iron ,Sodium,Sulphates, Alkalinity ,Carbonate and Bicarbonate, Salinity,DO,COD,BOD,free,dissolved CO2,free chlorine,ammonical Nitrogen and Waste water ( Treated Effluent water ) for Hydrogen Sulphide, etc using DR 2800 Hach Spectrophotometer.
  • Handling latest Computerized Laboratory Equipments. Receiving inspection and testing of all Raw Materials, Critical Process inputs and Consumables.
  • Maintains laboratory equipments and apparatus in proper condition & Maintains records of chemicals, glassware, spares and other miscellaneous materials for Lab Requirement.
  • Aware of Safety Practices (MSDS) in Chemical lab rules and regulations of Oil & Gas Industry and Good knowledge of Industrial Safety (QHSE) Rules & regulations.
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): Samples management, Instrument & Application Integration, Electronic Data Exchange.


Laboratory Equipments Handled:


  • Gas chromatography (HP 5980-II, Agilent 7890A)
  • Model-8510 CHEMITO and Micro-9100 NETEL Gas Chromatography
  • SETA Oil Test Centrifuge 90000-0
  • DMA 4500M Anton Paar Density Meter
  • Karl-Fischer Titrater (Metrohm 701 KF)/Coulometer 831 KF).
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (PE A-Analyst).
  • Extractor Unit (1045) fosstecator, Soxtec System HT2,
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu 1601/HACH 1900).
  • PH, Conductivity meter (Elico/Metrohm)
  • Flash Point Apparatus (Herzog/Seta)/ Distillation apparatus (Herzog)
  • Auto RVP bath (Seta).
  • Polarography (METROHM) 797 VA and 663 VA Compurtrace.
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer,ANATOC Series-II (SGE)
  • Mettler Toledo V-20 and T-50 Volumetric K.F. Titator
  • Model 907 Metrohm Titrando (801 stirrer and 800 Dosinoswiss made)
  • Tanaka Flash Point FC-7 APM-7 PENSKY-MARTENS Closed Cup Test Unit
  • Model DR 2800 UV- Spectrophotometer Meter-HACH
  • Model-132 Turbidity Meter (shimadzu)&Lovibond Turbidity Meter
  • Model PFX 880 Electronic Tintometer and Para-Hydrogenater
  • Noise level meter and Orsat Apparatus.
  • Model NPM-HVS High Volume Sample Analyzer
  • Model AG-245 and Model AE-200 Mettler Balance


Courses attended at the National Training Institute (NTI, Muscat):


  1. Permit to work (Signatories) 2.H2S Escape and Awareness Entry Permit 3. Safety leadership for Supervisor 4. Chemical handling awareness course Coaching, Monitoring & Mentoring Assessment 6.HSE Induction (Health, Safety and Environmental) and HSE Tools and Skills.7. BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Training).8. First Aid training.


Computer Skills:


  • Knowledge of Computers inMicrosoft Excel, Word, Office 2007, Orion, and Power Point programs and must also be experienced in statistical treatment of data, report writing, and good communication skills.
  • Experience in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), Sample Manager Version 9.2.1and Version 10.1.


Personal Details


Name                                                                                      : P. MAHESHWARAIAH

Father’s name                                                                       : P. Lakshmaiah

Marital status                                                                        : Married

Nationality                                                                             : Indian

Languages known                                                                : English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil

Permanent address                                                             : H.No: 17-18, Chakalipeta,

Venkatagri Town- 524132,

SPSR Nellore (Dist.), A.P, INDIA.

Mob: +968 96044315 (Oman)

+91 9502906792 (India)

+91 9985694630 (India)



Passport No                                                                           : P 3939143

Place of issue                                                                        : Hyderabad

Date of issue                                                                         : 29.08.2016

Date of Expiry                                                                       : 28.08.2026

Date of Birth                                                                         : 08.05.1983

Driving License                                                                     : Indian Driving License for Light Vehicle

Current Location                                                                  : BP - Oman

Notice Period                                                                       : 1 Month

Expected Salary                                                                    : Negotiable




I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I promise to contribute for the growth of your esteemed organization if given an opportunity to serve.



Place      :

Date        :                                                                                                         (P. MAHESWARAIAH)

Last Resume Update June 30, 2019
Address Venkatagiri Town, India
E-mail Locked
Phone Number Locked


Special Oil Field Services
Laboratory Supervisor
Dec 2016 - Current

• Present Employment History:
• Present Employer: Nalco Champion / Special Oil Field Services, LLC.
• Designation of the job: Laboratory Supervisor (Production Chemistry & Engineering).
• Location: BP – Oman (Khazzan Gas Project, Block 61)
• Nature of job: 28 days ON / 28 days OFF (Rotational Onshore).
• Work Period: May 2016 to till date.


Nagarjuna University
Master of Science
Apr 2006 - Apr 2009

M.SC (Chemistry)

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